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    The OpenEdge platform provides a great set of tools to deploy modern and scalable apps for all your business needs.

    GREPSYS with a +30 years of team accumulated experience on OpenEdge can help you build deploy and manage any business app based on OpenEdge. Being certified as Progress Premier Service Delivery Partner, the only one in all Africa and Middle east.

    GREPSYS has build a large expertise on QAD added value services. discover more here .

    GREPSYS team can help you to extend or modernize you exiting OpenEdge legacy system with web and mobile components.

    The OpenEdge platform



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    Deliver Cloud Apps at the
    Speed of Business


    Progress Rollbase is a web based platform for building and deploying SaaS apps. This solution is a part of Progress strategy to make digital transformation easy and fast.

    Here some key reason why to choose Rollbase for your business or organisation:


    1. Build and deploy Cloud business apps (SaaS) in days, not months !

    2. Responsive Web UI.

    3. Deploy apps on any cloud or on-premise.

    4. Express extention to Mobile through Telerik Platform

    5. Access any data in any existing legacy system.

    6. Real multitenant architecture


    Simple introduction to Progress Rollbase


    bluebee™ product is an extremely user-friendly solution for your business. It is easy to deploy for all your employees, customers, vendors and partners and is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of modern business management.

    Fully web-based and requiring only a web browser, bluebee™ handles business sectors such as FINANCE,DISTRIBUTION, MANUFACTURING and E-BUSINESS.

    Characteristics :

    • Entirely Web business solution
    • Multi-company
    • Multi-warehouse
    • Multi-location
    • Multi-currency
    • Multi-language
    • Progressive integration
    • Quick and easy deployment
    • Graphic dashboard (customized)
    • Data extraction directly into Excel
    • Reports can be printed in different formats (screen, e-mail, PDF, archive)
    • Transactions are simplified and flexible
    • Complete supply chain management
    • Planning and production control
    • Access to past years’ history without a time-limit
    • Multi-task and multiple screens
    • Elimination of parallel systems
    • Precise control of production costs
  • Working efficiently in today's business world has been very difficult.

    Indeed, employers are more and more overloaded with the quantity of information managed in complex and different data infrastructures. Managing the complex system of information and communication that combine to create knowledge within a modern organization is a daunting task. That's why implementing effective workflow management is no longer an option for a company if it is to attain and retain a sound competitive position.


    What is a workflow management system ?

    Every day, employees and managers have a lot of tasks to achieve. Some tasks are assigned by phone, others by email and others noted in the paper or coming from the company information system. There is no global view on what we have to achieve first or if we have missed any task. The employee can miss some assigned task and the manager can't see if the job is done or not. These tasks can be any action in the organization, example: Confirm a payment, prepare a quote, choose a vendor based on an RFQ, prepare a shipment, accept a vacation request, Request a change on credit limit for a customer, ...

    Normally, these tasks are part of a specific organization process. Predefined processes help organizations to standardize their main daily tasks to pass through the same steps. They accelerate task achievement and enhance quality of work. Some tasks can be achieved automatically based on some business rules and others can be assigned to the appropriate person, helping the flow of the job for the whole organization.


    Do you have an OpenEdge application ?

    Based on Progress OpenEdge solutions, our Workflow Management System can be transparently integrated to any OpenEdge application.

    Why choosing our solution ?

    Our Workflow Management System is a multi-components OpenEdge application, developed to be easily integrated with your Information Systems for better knowledge consistency.

     It's flexible and easily maintainable: You want to change your process model, parameters, organization or actors, then just do it, there is no need to start over your system or adapt your data.

    It automates work: By Managing your process automatically and finding the perfect candidate for each task.

    Include automated notifications: When a task is assigned to someone, an email is sent to inform him. A reminder can be enabled to help employees get the job done on time!

    Include a user interface generator: You can set up process tasks with automatic or predefined forms.

    It can be used for mobile or tablet: You can check your task list and work on it from anywhere, anytime.

    With multi-organizations management: It can manage processes and users for multiple independent organizations and it can be used with complex organization structure such us a main office and its divisions.

    Significant dashboards: You can measure the efficiency of your employees with statistics and curves regularly.

    It includes web services for integration with other application and top quality of user interface base on HTML 5.

    • The workflow management system delivered by GREPSYS helped us to manage our customers credits for the whole organization.
      Their web solution totally integrated with our ERP distant servers gives our risk management resources a global view of customer profile.

      Mhamed Ben Mahmoud, Risk Coordinator, Poulina Group Holding

  • GREPSYS has added a new module to its platform targeting QAD environments. It's a remote QAD administration system.Communication World, Global Commerce - North South America and E
    If you have multiple and distant QAD environments, GREPSYS RQAS (Remote QAD Administration System) will be an interesting choice for your IT managers.
    You can manage multiple QAD environment from one web based application.
    Our RQAS helps IT managers to:

    • Manage users: create, update, enable and disable for the whole organization, selected environments or selected domains.
    • Manage groups: it helps you to manage your groups with a clear view, and helps you to standardize group names for the whole organization.
    • Manage menus: Using this function, you can add a new menu to multiple environments in one shut.
    • Manage security: This function will help you to achieve daily requests to add access to some menus in any environment. Using this function you can manage the security for a group or a user and apply it to the selected menu and sub menu inside multiple environment.

    There is an interesting global user view, from which you can see the user access across domains, environments, menus and  fields security.

    There are a lot of other functions such as  fields management, including their security access.

    We have to complete a new feature to help IT managers to deploy programs and fixes to the selected environments.

  • Show case: A mobile application for Payment Collectors:

    Poulina Group Holding uses MFG/PRO ERP from QAD to manage its companies. Each company has its own server and instance of MFG/PRO. Some of these companies share the same persons to accomplish common tasks.

    To help their payment collectors on the road, Poulina Group Holding expressed the case to GrepSys and request us a solution to accomplish collector tasks remotely by accessing multiple servers to get information about its attached customers account and register payment through a simple user interface.

    The challenge in this showcase is to access remotely to multiple MFG/PRO instances and display the information in the same user screen.

    GrepSys proposed a mobile solution with a light footprint. Designed to be used from PC or any tablet, our solution is connect to multiples Poulina environments via a central server using the same ERP technology Progress OpenEdge and serves remote users via one secure web access point.


  • progress-logo-black DataDirect



    The Progress DataDirect On-Permise Connector allows secure and real-time access to in-network data sources from anywhere, using real-time direct ODBC/JDBC data connectivity through the DataDirect Cloud service.

    Progress DataDirect Cloud leverages innovative, patent-pending technology that provides secure access to on-premise data without the need to set up VPNs, SSH tunneling or change firewall or network configuration.

    It supports a wide variety of database types such as Amazon EMR Hive, Apache Hive, IBM DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Greenplum , Informix, MySQL, PostrgeSQL , Progress OpenEdge, Force.com Applications, Google Analytics, Salesforce.com and  Rollbase.

    Introductive video to DataDirect