GREPSYS has added a new module to its platform targeting QAD environments. It's a remote QAD administration system.Communication World, Global Commerce - North South America and E
If you have multiple and distant QAD environments, GREPSYS RQAS (Remote QAD Administration System) will be an interesting choice for your IT managers.
You can manage multiple QAD environment from one web based application.
Our RQAS helps IT managers to:

  • Manage users: create, update, enable and disable for the whole organization, selected environments or selected domains.
  • Manage groups: it helps you to manage your groups with a clear view, and helps you to standardize group names for the whole organization.
  • Manage menus: Using this function, you can add a new menu to multiple environments in one shut.
  • Manage security: This function will help you to achieve daily requests to add access to some menus in any environment. Using this function you can manage the security for a group or a user and apply it to the selected menu and sub menu inside multiple environment.

There is an interesting global user view, from which you can see the user access across domains, environments, menus and  fields security.

There are a lot of other functions such as  fields management, including their security access.

We have to complete a new feature to help IT managers to deploy programs and fixes to the selected environments.