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Since september 2016, GREPSYS has been rewarded as Progress Premier Service Delivery Partner  (SDP). GREPSYS is the only company in all Africa and Middle East who has received such distinction.

“Congratulations to GREPSYS. on achieving Progress Service Delivery Partner certification,” said Kimberly King, Vice President, Global Partners and Channels, Progress. “This partner is one of a select few to carry this distinction based on its in-depth understanding of Progress OpenEdge . We can say, with confidence, that GREPSYS will provide our customers with a service experience that is nothing short of satisfactory.


"We are very pleased to have successfully achieved our Progress Service Delivery Partner certification, congratulations to our GREPSYS Team", said Sofiane Bouziri, GREPSYS President. "This is just the first step of our partnership with Progress in North Africa region. This recognition encourages us to put all our efforts to meet our customers and partners expectations. We are very proud to be part of Progress ecosystem".

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