Show case: A mobile application for Payment Collectors:

Poulina Group Holding uses MFG/PRO ERP from QAD to manage its companies. Each company has its own server and instance of MFG/PRO. Some of these companies share the same persons to accomplish common tasks.

To help their payment collectors on the road, Poulina Group Holding expressed the case to GrepSys and request us a solution to accomplish collector tasks remotely by accessing multiple servers to get information about its attached customers account and register payment through a simple user interface.

The challenge in this showcase is to access remotely to multiple MFG/PRO instances and display the information in the same user screen.

GrepSys proposed a mobile solution with a light footprint. Designed to be used from PC or any tablet, our solution is connect to multiples Poulina environments via a central server using the same ERP technology Progress OpenEdge and serves remote users via one secure web access point.